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endoASIC is a start-up company providing customized electronic systems, ASICs and new sensor technologies for medical devices operating in the digestive tract. endoASIC has relationships with medical companies in the sector to provide new technologies aimed to a better diagnosis and therapy of diseases in this field.



The target of the company is to develope very low-cost and non-invasive solutions for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

Our most ambitious goal is to do smart diagnosis and local therapy of cancer in GI the tract.

Conventionally in endoscopy, malignancies are diagnosed based on morphological changes. endoASIC is doing innovation towards the use of molecular diagnosis combined with standard wireless and wired systems. We can provide chips with a customized number of pixels for molecular diagnosis. Application of the technology is for in-vivo and also for in-vitro applications like diagnosis in blood, orina and saliva.

endoASIC has a propietary chip for capsule endoscopes performing therapy and drug delivery. The ASIC can activate several mechanisms to take small biopsies. For example, a capsule with an OTSC clip maneouvred inside the patient can take and extract the biopsy out of the patient for examination. This concept is part of the technologies derived of the VECTOR (Versatile Endoscopic Capsule for Tumour Recognition and Therapy) European project.



The company is located in Barcelona. Barcelona has a strategical location, is a dynamic and diverse city with unique research facilities leading the Spanish biotechnology market. The region fosters top-quality research and development in biomedical sciences and technology.